Trump Gains Ground on Biden in National Poll

April 30, 2020

Coronavirus Tracking Update


Since last week, we’ve seen Biden’s lead among likely general election voters shrink from an 8 point lead to a 4 points in a head-to-head competition with Trump. Meanwhile, Democrats’ lead on a generic Congressional ballot has remained steady, polling 8 points ahead of Republicans.  Our key findings and trendlines for today’s data points are found on our GitHub page and linked below.

Key Points

  • In the head-to-head contest among 2020 general election likely voters, Donald Trump still trails Joe Biden, but has closed the gap in the past week. Biden holds a 4-point lead this week (49-45), compared to a 9 points last week (53-44).


  • When asked who they would vote for in a generic Congressional ballot test, more likely voters indicated they would pick the Democratic candidate (46%) over the Republican one (38%), an 8 point lead for the Democratic Party. This gap is similar to last week’s figures, where the Democratic Party led by 7 points (46-38).

  • Congress’s approval rating on the coronavirus has hovered between 50-53 points throughout the past week, with the latest figure being 51%. Among those who identify as Democrats or Independents, Congress fares similarly (46% approval from Dems and 47% approval from Independents), but a larger portion of Republicans approve of Congress’s handling of the outbreak (59%).


  • Over the past week, Donald Trump has held fewer press conferences and has had less fireworks, and our data is reflecting that. Since the beginning of April, there’s been an 11 percentage point drop in the number of respondents who say they are tuning in.



Full Results

The full toplines, crosstabs, and methodology can be found on our GitHub page.