Public Opinion on Economic Outlook Remains Pessimistic Despite Talk of Reopening

April 23, 2020

Coronavirus Tracking Update


Firehouse Strategies and 0ptimus Analytics have teamed up on two parallel online tracking surveys asking Americans about the current coronavirus pandemic and their attitudes in the midst of the crisis. We will be sharing the results of our surveys on a regular basis through biweekly updates on our website every Monday and Thursday. The tracking poll will be running on a rolling basis until the end of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

Key Points

  • Americans’ current sentiments of the U.S. economy’s trajectory have been stable, with 21% expect the economy to improve and 48% expect it to get worse.


  • The work situation for Americans has remained consistent throughout the past month, with 59% of Americans reporting that their job has changed in some capacity. The education gap between degree and non-degree holders persists, with only 7% of post-grad respondents and 10% respondent of college grad getting laid off, compared to 14% some college and 16% HS or less.


  • Among 2020 general election likely voters, Trump’s approval rating on coronavirus (49%) is currently lower than the approval ratings of Congress (51%) and governors (75%) on the issue. In a national head-to-head with Joe Biden, he fares poorly, currently facing a 9-point deficit (44-53). Last week, the deficit was at 12 points (42-54).


  • When asked who they would vote for if the U.S. Congressional election took place today, more likely voters indicated they would vote for the Democratic Party candidate (45%) than the Republican Party candidate (38%). The Republicans’ current deficit is similar to that of last week (46% Dems vs 38% GOP).


Full Results

The full toplines, crosstabs, and methodology can be found on our GitHub page.