New Poll Numbers: Biden Beats Trump in Head-To-Head

April 13, 2020

Coronavirus Tracking Update


Firehouse Strategies and 0ptimus Analytics have teamed up on two parallel online tracking surveys asking Americans about the current coronavirus pandemic and their attitudes in the midst of the crisis. We will be sharing the results of our surveys with you on a regular basis every Monday and Thursday. The tracking poll will be running on a rolling basis until the end of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States. Our key findings and trendlines for today’s data points are presented below.


Key Points

  • Among 2020 general likely voters, Trump’s approval rating on coronavirus (51%) is currently lower than the approval ratings of Congress (57%) and governors (75%). In a head-to-head with Joe BIden, he fares poorly, currently facing a 10% deficit (43-53, with 4% undecided).
  • Only 20% of Americans think the economy will improve over the next month. However, only 24% of Americans currently describe the economy as “good” or “excellent”, with 54% of Americans believing that it will get worse over the next month.
  • 30% of Americans are very worried about either them or their family members contracting the coronavirus. 26% are either “not too worried” or “not worried at all”. Overall, 74% are at least somewhat worried.

“The fact that 54% of Americans think the economy will still get worse tells you where Congress will likely go to a phase 4 and likely phase 5 economic recovery packages.”
– Scott Tranter, 0ptimus Analytics

“If Americans can’t agree on the health threat posed by coronavirus, then Trump’s big decisions will be even more difficult. The fact that one in four Americans are still not worried about contracting the virus while another 30 percent are ‘very worried’ is a real communications challenge.”
– Alex Conant, Firehouse Strategies


Full Results

The full toplines, crosstabs, and methodology can be found on our GitHub page here: