Firehouse Partner Matt Terrill Talks to Bloomberg Government About the Effects of the Second Wave of Coronavirus on Republican Elections

July 27, 2020

Economic Optimism Central to Republicans’ Path to House Majority

Embrace the Economy

Yet several Republican strategists said lawmakers and candidates should embrace the economy in their campaigns, delivering a message that Trump presided over one of the strongest economies in recent decades, and that Republican policies of reduced regulations and lower taxes will get the country back on track.

“This is going to come back to a question about the economy,” said Calvin Moore, a spokesman for the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC aligned with House GOP leadership. “That’s a really good message for our candidates because, at the end of the day, folks are still worried about where their rent check is going to come from or how they’ll make the next mortgage payment.”

Even if there is a second wave of the virus and further shutdowns are necessary, Republicans could still do well said Republican strategist Matt Terrill.

“If the American people in October say ‘We’ve gone through a tough time as a country, but we feel like we’re on the right track under Republican leadership, or under this President,’ it will go to in President Trump’s direction,” Terrill said. “If they don’t, it won’t.”

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