Partner Matt Terrill Analyzes Biden’s Afghanistan Response In CBS News

August 26, 2021

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“This snowballs into other themes on the notion that in 2020, then-candidate Biden made the centerpiece of his campaign a return to normalcy. He projected himself as somebody who was going to be a leader on issues,” Matt Terrill, a Republican strategist and partner at Firehouse Strategies, told CBS News. “This is a huge blunder that members on both sides are calling him out on. It snowballs into other issues like leadership, the ability to manage and lead.”

Terrill said Mr. Biden’s handling of the drawdown could impact Senate races in Georgia and Arizona, where there are high populations of veterans or active-duty military and Democrats are attempting to hold on to their seats.

“The elections are going to be referendums on the incumbents, in particular this midterm,” Terrill said. “It’s about trust, it’s about confidence. It’s about Americans’ confidence in their leaders.”

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