Authentic Persuasion


At Firehouse, we employ a uniquely authentic approach based on extensive experience messaging to targeted audiences.


We use modern political campaign strategies and unconventional, or asymmetric, tactics to achieve the goals of corporate clients.


At a time when authenticity is critical, most paid media and astroturfing is wasted. We focus on efficient results over vanity metrics.

*We’re not saying we’re cheap, but we’re smarter with your resources than the other guys.

What We Do

Firehouse Strategies is a full-service public affairs firm that focuses on delivering targeted persuasion campaigns for a wide variety of corporate clients.

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Firehouse Founding Partner Terry Sullivan joined Kate Bolduan of CNN to give his analysis on what GOP candidates need to do in order to be successful in the second primary debate and more

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Firehouse Managing Partner Matt Terrill joined Caitriona Perry of BBC News to discuss former President Trump’s commanding lead over the Republican primary field

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Firehouse Announces New Promotions and Team Members

Friends, As first reported in POLITICO Influence, the Firehouse team is growing rapidly as we continue delivering results for our clients. […]

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Firehouse Founding Partner Terry Sullivan gives his analysis of the first Republican presidential debate with Kate Bolduan of CNN

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The Firehouse team consists of former political operatives who bring a campaign culture and a focus on results to everything we do.

Meet The Team