Terry Sullivan


Terry Sullivan would prefer to be well-known for his mountaineering expeditions or captaining his boat long-distances offshore, but his two decades spent as a leader in politics and public affairs have distracted from his efforts to attain notoriety in those more interesting fields.

Sullivan has played a senior strategic role in over 100 campaigns, including better than two dozen US Senate, Gubernatorial and Presidential campaigns. He has advised Republican candidates at every level, having been in some of the toughest political battles and emerging victorious. Over his career he has worked for some of the biggest names in politics, including Jesse Helms, Jim DeMint, Mitt Romney, Trey Gowdy and Marco Rubio, for whom he served as Campaign Manager on his presidential campaign.

Sullivan is a founding partner of the public affairs firm Firehouse Strategies, where he advises Fortune 500 companies and trade associations on how best to deliver their message in a targeted and effective fashion. He has built and run multiple award-winning communications and media firms over the years, including TV, digital and print.

Sullivan has a bachelor’s degree from UNC-Wilmington, and has served as an adjunct professor at George Washington Graduate School of Political Management and as a featured speaker at numerous universities including Harvard and NYU. He serves on the board of ClearPath, a conservative clean energy advocacy group.  He has appeared as an expert on numerous major and cable networks, as well as in major news publications ranging from The New York Times to National Review.

Sullivan currently lives in Washington, DC where he hones his crisis management skills serving in his most impressive job: That of full-time single dad, raising his teenage daughter McKenna.