Partner Alex Conant Discusses Trump Campaign Tactics in Wall Street Journal

May 14, 2020

Trump Campaign Boosts Emphasis on Biden’s Age, Fitness

As the president trails in the polls, his latest ads depict his expected opponent appearing confused and slurring his words

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The latest round of ads come as polls show Mr. Trump’s weakened standing against Mr. Biden in a series of battleground states that could help determine the election.

Republican strategist Alex Conant said the negative strategy may be the campaign’s only option, given the economic downturn.

“They need to convince voters that Biden is a riskier choice than Trump,” said Mr. Conant. “Given the last two months, that is a high bar. Trump won in 2016 in large part because of Hillary Clinton’s deep negative ratings, especially with independents. Trump has no choice but to drive up Biden’s negative ratings over the next six months.”

But Mr. Biden’s campaign long has believed that the former vice president is well-defined in the minds of voters and is spotlighting his character and ability to empathize, as well as his own family’s personal tragedies.

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