What media are saying about Firehouse Strategies

June 6, 2016

“I think what they’re doing is smart. They’re saying that there are lessons that they learned running against Trump that can now be applied to corporations and others who want to run campaigns. … That they can leverage that experience to help clients.” – Politico’s Mike Allen

“Rarely have I seen someone come out of a losing campaign and learn a big lesson so quickly — and put it into effect. [Alex] and two of [his] former colleagues from the campaign have learned I think one of the huge lessons from the Trump campaign, which is that you need to be present. You can’t be out of the discussion.” – Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin

“[Terry & Alex] are the partners of the brand new Firehouse Strategies. They teamed up with Senator Rubio in one of the most successful, nearly-completely successful campaigns of 2016, Alex and Terry operating out of DC for corporate clients everywhere, Firehouse Strategies.” – Hugh Hewitt