The 2024 Republican Nominee Depends on Trump’s Success in 2020 Firehouse Partner Matt Terrill Tells Bloomberg

August 31, 2020

Trump’s Convention Gave a Peek at 2024 Republican 

Ryan Beckwith Steven T. Dennis

Aug 29 2020, 3:30

(Bloomberg) — The Republican National Convention this week was the first big tryout for some potential 2024 contenders, even as it sidelined others. President Donald Trump made his case for a second term as other

Republicans began to subtly — and not so subtly — lay the groundwork for their own bids four years from now.

The Republican field runs along a spectrum from those who fully embrace Trump’s pugilism and populism to those who would temper it with traditional conservatism or wrap it in a more optimistic sales pitch.

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Matt Terrill, who was a campaign strategist for Marco Rubio, said that the contenders who will be most affected by November are those most loyal to Trump. “If Trump wins, you might be looking at a Pompeo or Pence as a leading contender,” he said. “If he loses, that’s really going to hurt their chances.”

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